Welcome to Springfield Farm’s Field & Feast 2023 – locally sourced and all that is good to eat provided by nature and Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey! The following are the Terms of Use (“Terms”) that govern your kind purchase of ticket(s) and attendance on our family farm, Springfield Farm, Apple Hill, Ontario:

1) WE look forward to welcoming you to our farm on Saturday, August 5th – this is a farm, and as such, the soil is bumpy, there are rocks, there are pollinators including bees, wasps and stingy things. We ask that you are responsible for dressing appropriately (we recommend boots and other cool farm footwear) and that might want to make sure you have bug spray and hopefully, only if you need one, your Epi-pen.

2) There will be non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available at the Field & Feast event – we ask that you kindly respect our farming community and abide by the rules of the road, noise allowances and most importantly, Please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. If you need help to get home we are here to help and make sure you arrive safely. We also reserve the right to not serve alcoholic beverages when we find that someone is intoxicated, or consuming too much or is acting out of proper conduct for the event. We appreciate your understanding, respect and support for these rules.

3) We cannot provide refunds for the tickets – they are however transferable if you would like to gift the tickets. As this is a guest list reception we ask that you advise us 24 hours in advance for our On-site Manager to let the team know of the change.

4) Finally, we love photos and memories of our events – we will have a professional photographer taking photos of the event which we will share on Social Media platforms and including our website – please let the photographer know if you would not like us to do this.

WE, the Three Macs of Springfield Farm, are excited and delighted that you have chosen to attend our annual Field & Feast event (GGCC AGM) – We look forward to welcoming you to Springfield Farm!